A Close Call and a New Idea

While hunting one day, a tree branch fell down and hit the top of my rifle. I wasn’t hurt, but the scope of my rifle had taken some damage. I couldn’t use the scope to aim, and I didn’t have a spare one. I tried to aim with my own eyes, but it wasn’t good enough to hit the far away targets, and all I did was scare away the animals. I headed back home since there was nothing that I could do while my scope was inoperable. I ordered a new scope and some flip up scope covers.

The covers protect the scope from debris and from moisture, so if a random unplanned rainstorm happens while I’m out hunting one day, I can just cover the scope and it will still be fine. I’ve gone hunting since the day that I broke the scope, and I look at the sky once in a while to make sure that nothing is going to fall on my rifle or me. If the branch that fell down had been bigger and fell a little closer to the right, it would have probably knocked me out, and in a worst case scenario, it would have killed me, or some animal might have killed me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone hunting with a hard hat, but I might be the first one to start that trend. I could probably make a like of hard hats that have camouflage colors to help them blend in. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has had something fall on them while they were out hunting. A lot of tree debris falls often because of storms. If there are enough cases where the risk of injury is present, then people will be receptive to such a product.