A Financial Software Program for My Kids

I had a few questions about Quickbooks because I wanted to teach my children about budgeting their money properly, I used to give them an allowance for doing chores, and we would keep track on a big chalkboard in our family room. They are older now though and making money on their own, which is why I contacted a Quickbooks customer service number. I knew that I wanted to get them started out right with this part of their lives because taking care of money is something they will need to do for the rest of their lives.

I had already opened up a joint banking account with each one of them. My son likes to do odd jobs for people, and he is really good at it too. He has a list of jobs that he does almost every day for various people, and they pay him a fair wage along with some tips most of the time. My daughter is 16 years old and got a job as a waitress at a local restaurant. I explained about taxes and how she has to be accountable for all of the tips she gets.

When I called the Quickbooks number to make sure that this program was not too sophisticated for their needs, I was happy with all of the answers that they gave me. My son will actually be able to keep track of all his jobs in this software, and my daughter will be able to keep track of all her income as well so she can report honestly on her taxes. I am so happy with all that this program will do for both of them. It has the basic features that they need right now, but it also has a ton of stuff they will grow into as their financial lives become more complex.