Allen Brothers Reviews

Though known for their “Great Steakhouse Steaks,” Allen Brothers specializes in more than just steaks. This company, which was initiated in 1893 and is still run by the family four generations later, offers all varieties of beef, from roasts and ribeyes to hamburgers and hot dogs.

Allen Bros. Steaks offers USDA Prime beef. According to their website, only 1% to 2% of all American meat qualifies for this high standard. They also offer USDA choice and a selection of Wagyu.

The beef selections at Allen Bros are available in many different formats. For example, for the boneless strip steaks, the options range between four and eight strips, with thicknesses ranging from 1″ thick all the way to 2″ thick, with everything in between. but quality is assured whatever your selection. You can find a variety of specialty offers as well. You can also purchase regular or jumbo-sized steak dogs in quantities of twelve dogs, twenty-four dogs, or forty-eight dogs. There are no single-serving options for the meats available through this company.

In addition to the variety of beef types and cut types, the company also has a wide variety of other meats available, including veal, poultry, seafood, and pork. To help you with your culinary experience the website even has a separate section devoted to the preparation of the foods they offer – everything from delivery storage and thawing and preparation methods to guides for either grilling or cooking, whichever you choose.

Allen Brothers Reviews

Simply Mouthwatering with Every Order
I chose Allen Brothers because they are USDA approved, and their products have always been simply mouthwatering with every order I’ve received. Their taste is not far from the gourmet steaks my family and I order in fine restaurants. I personally like their filet mignon  wrapped with bacon, absolute perfection! They even have other great filet mignon versions, such as their crowned filet mignon, and filet  mignon Beef Wellington. What’s more, I find them very affordable, compared to the expense I would get if I tried to shop around for this kind of quality myself.
One of the Best Lamb Shanks I’ve Ever Tried
This companty has one of the best Lamb Shanks I’ve ever tried. Their flavors are elevated to a different level. I guess meat flavors become enhanced if they are organically grown. I find that they actually taste better. I had my first bite during my birthday. My mom ordered from them a week in advance, and the whole family enjoyed them. Since then we have also had other entrees of theirs, like their steaks, and dry aged prime beef.
I Just Fell in Love With Their Seafood
I just fell in love with their seafood. I order from them almost all the time. They have gourmet scallops that are huge, tasty shrimp, and lobsters. To my surprise (and relief!), despite being frozen, all of their meat really retains its flavors and juices. I’m not sure how, but I guess they use sophisticated techniques to achieve that. Even their seafood chowders and soups are fantastic. They are creamy and thick, just how I like it.  Their fish fillets are fantastic and, since I’m an ovo vegan, they make a great substitute for my protein.
Put this Steak on Your Bucket List
This is a Prime Beef, Dry-Aged, Long-Bone Ribeye steak from Allen Brothers. These come with a hefty price, but they are well worth it. It is more than a steak, it’s an experience you have to savor. You should put this steak on your bucket list. If you love gourmet steak, it’ a must get. If you’e buying a gift for someone, like you father, I would recommend you give him these instead of a tie, or a gift card. It is perfection.
A Little on the Pricey Side
Allen Brothers is one of the best steak delivery companies out there, but my last order wasn’t up to the usual standards. I almost had the feeling the meat was frozen, defrosted, and refrozen again. Maybe it was or wasn’t, but they are good company with good products that are a little on the pricey side.
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