While hunting one day, a tree branch fell down and hit the top of my rifle. I wasn’t hurt, but the scope of my rifle had taken some damage. I couldn’t use the scope to aim, and I didn’t have a spare one. I tried to aim with my own eyes, but it wasn’t good enough to hit the far away targets, and all I did was scare away the animals. I headed back home since there was nothing that I could do while my scope was inoperable. I ordered a new scope and some flip up scope covers.

The covers protect the scope from debris and from moisture, so if a random unplanned rainstorm happens while I’m out hunting one day, I can just cover the scope and it will still be fine. I’ve gone hunting since the day that I broke the scope, and I look at the sky once in a while to make sure that nothing is going to fall on my rifle or me.Continue reading

To promote a local concert that I was having, I contacted a Los Angeles WordPress developer to create a website. The concert was to raise money for a young boy in the area who needed to have an expensive surgery to save his life. The boy was born with a condition that became worse each year. Now the only thing that can keep him alive is the surgery, and it has to be done within a certain time frame, or the boy won’t survive. The surgery is costly, and the body will be recovering from it for quite a while, but once he does, he’ll be able to lead a normal life.

I was able to get a lot of big name acts to play at the concert. Some of the acts grew up in the same city as the boy, so they were willing to help him out without any questions asked.Continue reading

On the street my mom lives on there are a lot of brand new cars. She said that her neighbor on the corner got a new SUV, and then the other neighbors starting getting new vehicles one by one. Keeping up with the Jones’ is what mom calls it. She said neighbors are like that in most places. One guy cuts his grass, and the others are out there getting their lawns to match. Same thing for flowers and decorations. I am more practical, such as picking a Waco energy company that has a very low per kilowatt hour rate for electricity.

I do not mind my old truck. It still looks great. No dents and only a couple minor scrapes. The paint is so good that waxing it up makes it shine like it was new again. As for the lawn, I cut it once per week in the rainy season. My wife puts out some flowers and handles the outdoor decorations.Continue reading

Web hosting has come a long way. I remember my first foray into HTML. It was not hard to learn, but it was hard to remember every command. Plus, if you missed a single closing forward slash, you had to look back and find your mistake. That goes for any of the formatting codes. I think that is how developers and content authors began to separate. I enjoyed creating content, but I did not like the coding to present it on the web. Then things such as point-and-click web building software and cPanel server management came along. It made making websites a whole lot easier.

I remember when word processing programs first come out with the ability to save your documents in HTML form. Those where easy to FTP to a web server to add content. Then HTML began to evolve and get a whole lot more complicated. It allowed for more elements to be added to web pages, but I do not think it made web pages better. The first FLASH banners were cool looking, but they really did not add anything to web pages. The coolest designs minus the content are still lousy websites to visit.Continue reading

I just got a new job, although it is not ideal. The big thing is that I am going to have to move from Louisiana to the area around Houston, TX. It is not that I was not prepared for that, because I work in the oil field services field and the company I have been working for has gone under due to low oil prices. Fortunately I have found a similar job with a big Texas energy company. In fact they are involved in a lot more than just oil. They have their hands in every aspect of the energy industry and beyond. In fact they are one of around a hundred different electric power providers in Texas. The state has a law which gives you the right to pick which power company you want to hook up the electricity at your house.Continue reading

I started out making sheets of sugar candy in my kitchen. I use specialty flavors I purchased from a company that is very meticulous about the flavorings it sells. Plus, I also have a technique in mixing in the flavoring at a critical moment to avoid evaporation of the oils that actually make the sugar a tasty treat. I used to hand package it in zippered bags. Now I have a small vertical form fill seal packaging machine to do it for me.

I started out making a few bags of the candy for friends. It is just hard sugar candy that is poured out into sheets and then busted up into fragments.Continue reading

We needed a new car. We also needed to have the money to make the payment. We picked out a nice type of used car that would be suitable. Only a couple years old so still under warranty and low mileage ones available. To be able to pay for it we wrote down on paper the exact amounts we could save. I checked a site to save on our utility bills, and my wife called about our homeowners and car insurance to get lower rates. She pretty much just told them we needed to save or we were moving on. I was able to save a good amount on our monthly electric bill. In two ways actually. We got a fixed rate that was low per kilowatt hour, and seeing how much we were wasting got me to put in those LED and CFL bulbs I bought but never installed.

We looked over all of our expenses. We found we could save a few bucks here and a few bucks there without really trying.Continue reading