Catch A Piece Of Maine Reviews

I Saved A Lot of Money and Ate Lobster for a Week
I never really liked seafood, but a friend suggested a website. It was called Catch a Piece of Maine. I read about six Catch a Piece of Maine reviews and still had trepidations. I never said a word and then my friend showed up one day at my house with a couple dishes that he had ordered online.
I did not have anything against seafood, per se, I simply never found any that I really liked. I tried some lobster meat and some lobster tail and was amazed. I ate with him and a few more friends and then checked the website when they left.
I did not really want to order an entire lobster, or even a live lobster, so I went with some of the smaller dishes that were cooked and basically ready to go. I had to look at some recipes that were on the website because I had never cooked any like this before.
It turns out that I could do some fancy cooking or I could simply heat the lobster as it came. I ordered two or three lobster tails and some more of the lobster meat that I had tried with my friends. The order was easy and very inexpensive compared to what I expected. All in all, I was done and off the Internet in less than five minutes.
The package arrived at my office overnight. That was a mistake. I should have never let everyone see what I had order. Before too long, the entire office, including me, was on break and eating lobster. I let them think it was a treat for good work that week.
It seemed that this order was even better than the one my friend had brought by my house. The lobster meat was very tender and seemed to just kind of dissolve once you put in in your mouth. We put garlic and butter from the restaurant downstairs on the lobster tail.
It was easily the best at office lunch or dinner that I ever had. The only negative aspect was that not a bit of work got done. At least I own the place, it is good to be king. I was not only the owner, I was the hero of the day.
I order a second time and like other Catch a Piece of Maine reviews, I had found a number of Catch a Piece of Maine coupons that made the order even more affordable. I found several prearranged packs of lobster ready to go on the website and that made it really easy to choose.
After that came my first experience with cooking live lobster and it was actually very easy. I was utterly amazed at the fact that I received a live lobster in the mail. It came overnight and it was in perfect condition, at least what I believe to be perfect condition. It was my first live lobster, after all.
Between the Catch a Piece of Maine coupons and the prearranged pack, I saved a lot of money and was able to eat lobster on and off for more than a week. That included two dinners that I hosted where I had five or more friends over.
I used a few recipes off the website and it was a piece a cake to look like a lobster expert in no time. I actually had a good amount of fear about cooking a live lobster. Once I did it the first time, it was even easier after that. Even the first time was really very easy.
For someone that did not ever care about sea food, I would say that I am a convert. I see no reason that I will not be having lobster at least once a month for the rest of my life. I hear friends saying that they save up for months for one lobster dinner on the town.
I eat my own lobster at home and never have to wear that silly bib. My friends are starting to think of me as the local lobster joint. Thank God I do not tell them how often I cook it. 
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