Chicago Steak Company Review

It can easily be said that America’s beef industry began in the city of Chicago in the 1800s. Over 80 percent of all beef consumed during this time period originated in Chicago.

With the invention of the refrigerated train car in 1882, beef and meat were able to be shipped all across the United States.
Today, the Chicago Steak Companycontinues the tradition of shipping fine beef and steaks from coast to coast. They offer the best Chicago steaks.
Not only do they offer the popular cuts such as filet mignon, ribeyes, and t-bones, they offer different types of beef.
Black Angus Steaks
The Chicago Steak Company offers tender, juicy, premium Black Angus steaks. Black Angus cattle were originally bred in Scotland and have become the most popular breed of meat cattle in the United States. Known for their rich marbling, these cattle are also famous for their large ribeye area. They have purchased the best of the best which has resulted in their offering of delicious grill-worthy steaks such as:
  • Prime Filet Mignon
  • Premium Ribeyes, with the bone out or in
  • Melt-in-your-mouth New York Strip Steaks
  • Thick Porterhouse and T-bones
Each of these steaks has been perfectly cut, then vacuum sealed so that your beef is fresh and tasty.
Premium Gold Angus Beef
Not many cows qualify for PGA status. Premium Gold Angus beef is beef from cattle that have never received any type of antibiotic treatment. This is beef as it was meant to be eaten and a shining example of steaks Chicago style. All natural and all delicious, Chicago Steak Company also offers the same prime cuts in their PGA line as they do in their Black Angus line of beef.
Wet Aged and Dry Aged Beef
Chicago Steak Company also offers the choice of wet-aged beef or dry-aged beef. Both methods have been developed to produce a tender cut of meat. The wet-age process uses the enzymes found within beef to break down the tendons and tissue of the meat, giving it a soft, buttery texture. Wet-aged beef is vacuum-packaged so that the beef marinates in its juices.
Dry-aged beef is wrapped in cloth and the moisture is allowed to escape from the beef. This results in a shrinking of the beef. This shrinking concentrates the beef flavor and softens the meat. Regardless of the method you prefer, this steak company takes their aging process seriously. The beef and steaks they offer have been aged between 28-45 days. Each cut has been certified Prime by the USDA. This is a rating given to less than two percent of all beef in America.
All Natural Angus Beef
In addition, they also offer a selection of All Natural Angus. These cuts have never had hormones or antibiotics added to their diet for any reason. The cows have only had an all-natural, vegetarian diet with no fillers ever added to their diet. This results in beef so tender, so juicy, it can be cut with a fork. These steaks are also offered in all the popular cuts of beef. Chicago Steak Company proves that all-natural is all-delicious.
For those who simply must have the best steak available in the world, they offer their Kobe Wagyu beef. These steaks come from the renowned Kobe Japanese Cattle and are in a class all their own. Rated higher than USDA Prime, these steaks are tender and flavorful. In demand worldwide, but always available from them you have the choice of :
  • Flavorful Filet Mignon
  • Perfectly marbeled Ribeye
  • Tender Boneless NY Strips
  • Beefy Flat Iron Steaks
Prime Steak Chicago
The Chicago Steak Company not only carries the best prime steak Chicago offers, they also carry quality seafood to complement their beef. They ship their seafood direct from the source, so that you can enjoy:
  • Lobster straight from Maine
  • King Crab Legs from Alaska
  • The best Maryland Crab Cakes ever made
They offer an assortment of herb marinated chicken breasts and bone-in pork chops, all designed to complement your cooking and grilling style. The same care and attention they put into their steaks is also put into their chicken and pork. Your meals are completed with the addition of one of their luscious, scrumptious, New York style cheesecakes. The best meats should be ended with the best desserts.

Chicago Steak Company coupons and discount codes can be found right on their website by clicking their coupons link to the left.
Utilizing Chicago Steak Company coupons will help you get even more for your money.
Chicago Steak Company Reviews
The Best Steaks In Town
I always get the filet mignon from Chicago Steak. I think they have the best steaks in town. Their steaks are more than 2 inches thick, firm to  touch but tender in the inside, and when slicing into it you can see the juice slowly oozing out. For me, eating a great meal feels like heaven,  which is why I also recommend them to my friends and loved ones. Not only that, they also have other great products. Another personal favorite is  their 1/2 pound steak burgers. I must say, they are far better than any other burger I get anywhere, they are that good.
Great Gift Selections
Chicago Steak has great gift selections, and I find them very versatile for almost all occasions. I send them for my family and friend’s  birthdays, holiday parties, housewarmings, and once as a congratulations gift. I find them so affordable. Within a budget of $100, I can send a  great assortment of Black Angus Filet Mignons and Top Sirloins, Lemon Herb Chicken Breasts and Steak Burgers for the holidays this year, with a  free shipping code, too. Throughout the year I get great values together with their discounts of as much as 30% to 50%. Plus, I always get great  compliments because of my ingenuity. Customer service, however, I think they need to improve a bit. Nonetheless, I would always be an avid fan. 
Incredible Cheesecakes
Aside from ordering steaks and meats from them, I also go to them for their incredible cheesecakes. Whenever I go to their  website, they look so delicious I just can’t help myself. They look just as inviting and taste just as good in person. Sometimes, I feel guilty  even taking a bite. They are to die for desserts. I have not tasted anything like them before, and this company deserves to be on top. Only  comment though, I hope they consider providing discount coupons for their desserts.
My Total Savings Were Over $130 on Chicago Steaks
It’s not often that I go and buy steaks online, but I thank you for your directions and the Chicago Steak Company coupons to post here. I chose to buy from this particular company because they had a great deal. I was able to get four 18 oz. porterhouse steaks and four free filet mignons. I also picked up a little heart shaped cheesecake that was on sale. My total savings were over $130 on Chicago Steaks.
I was a little concerned that the dry ice melted, but the steaks were still frozen solid. I was very impressed with the literature that came in the box too. There was an explanation about the dry ice melting, complete cooking instructions, five amazing coupons (like 16 free burgers or four lobster tails) and even a $25 gift certificate for my next order.  Just to thank me for my business. I like that.
Each steak was individually wrapped, which I liked very much. I don’ think I have seen a filet mignon as thick sliced as they sent me, and it was free. One might expect something smaller or cheap. So far, I have had a porterhouse and a filet, and they are both excellent. My wife liked the cheesecake more than I did, probably because it was heart shaped, but I can highly recommend these steaks to anyone. Shipping was fast and right on time too.
Overall a pleasurable customer experience like the good old days when guys pumped gas for you, and washed your windshields.
I Highly Recommend Them
My wife and I enjoy having filet mignon once every other week or so. I started to buy them online because my local supermarkets don’t sell them anymore. They say they are too expensive.
I read your instructions on Buying Steaks Online, and decided to get some from Chicago Steaks. I did pay a little more than I was used to at the market, but not much more. I also didn’t have to wait in line and try to figure out the damn unattended checkout register.
These steaks were much better than I have had in a long time. My wife and I can continue to have our traditional dinner with much less fuss. I highly recommend them.
Best Steaks I Have Tried
I ordered some NY Strip steaks that were on special. I was very impressed with the taste of the beef, as well as the quality of the trimming. Not only did I get a great deal, I found my new source for meat on the BBQ this summer.