Digital Radiography & Basic CT 40-hour course

This course provides the materials necessary for a comprehensive understanding and implementation of Digital Radiography in some of the most stringent industries. It is designed to accommodate those transitioning from film to digital technologies as well as those stepping directly into Digital Radiography Methods and Computed Tomography.

This course includes the recommended curriculum of FWG-IDR, MAI, ASTM and ASME in a format for compliance with NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A type Qualification/Certification programs. Attendees will be taught innovative technique development strategies to help produce high quality results in the toughest of applications while considering imaging cycle time reductions. The implementation of the latest industry standard requirements will be addressed within the materials. The course also includes materials covering the application of the latest Computed Tomography x-ray imaging technology.

A combination of lectures, laboratory sessions and extensive handout materials provides a training atmosphere that will be beneficial to all attendees. The Laboratory portion of the training makes use of the latest different detector modalities.

The course is worth 40 Contract Hours that can be applied to various industry certification and continuing education requirements.