Eating Well and Smiling is Now a Possibility for Me Again

It has always been odd to my family and me that so many people in the family have a lot of dental issues. We have never been able to find out why that is. Some of us have more trouble than others do. I am one of the ones who has had to have a lot of teeth removed. It was frustrating to not be able to eat when I wanted when I wanted because of it. Getting dentures in Singapore seemed to be a good idea to me. I wanted to not have to worry about things anymore, and I hoped getting some work done on my mouth would do that.

The first time I was told that I needed to have a tooth pulled, it was no big deal to me. We have many other teeth in our mouths, right? But after getting two more pulled over time, I found that eating was more problematic. Things like popcorn kernels would settle into the spots where a tooth used to be and stab my gums repeatedly. Eating foods that are not super soft was a problem because I could not chew with the same force with teeth missing. When I learned that I needed two more pulled, I decided that I wanted to replace them somehow. There is no way that I could spend the rest of my life not eating my mom’s peanut brittle, my favorite snack of popcorn or a juice steak.

I worried that getting dentures would make things feel uncomfortable, but I have had no problems with that at all. The dentist spent a lot of time making sure that his office created something that would make life easier for me, not harder. And I must say that having a pretty smile when I look in the mirror now is nice, too.