Good Way to Plug Our Grocery Store

When I noticed sales starting to dip a couple of months ago, I explored various ways to bring in more customers. I thought a search for corporate gifts in Singapore online might turn up some type of promotional items we could use to draw attention to our store and possibly get the word out to more customers. I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money to accomplish this task, as we already advertise on the radio and we send mailers to customers through the post, but I did want something that might catch a person’s eye.

I thought this might be a good idea because I regularly shop at the competition, just to see what they’re up to and what their prices look like, and I can’t remember ever getting anything free at the checkout. Maybe, if I could find the right item, this might make a difference. It was worth a shot. I went online and found a great company that sells more promotional items than you would think possible. They also can customize items with your business name and logo. It looked like a lot of big companies used their products so I was sure they would have something for my business.

I rejected a lot of items right away, such as clothing and pens, items which really don’t speak to people although clothing isn’t bad if people actually wear them around the city. I stumbled over these foldable lunch boxes that I thought were perfect. What’s better for a grocery store than something associated with food? The items worked really well and proved popular with our customers, who often wanted more than one after they saw them. The best thing is the items seemed to work as I would run into people who came back and immediately asked if we had those lunch boxes!