Hearst Ranch Reviews

Hearst Ranch Beef is raised in California on ranch land in San Simeon. The land was acquired in 1865 by George Hearst, who bought 48,000 acres with money he acquired as a miner during the California Gold Rush. 

He eventually grew his land holdings to over 270,000 acres and began a successful career as a ranch and beef cattle owner.
His son, William Randolph Hearst, the publishing tycoon, further developed his father’s legacy.
Together, they raised the finest cattle available in the United States. Besides cattle, they diversified and raised sheep, pigs, and poultry.  
In 1957, William Randolph Hearst gifted the state of California with Hearst Castle that he built in 1919.
He and his family kept over 80,000 acres of ranch land surrounding the castle and began expanding by purchasing what is known as Jack Ranch in San Luis Obispo, California.
Originally a 26,621-acre ranch that was part of a Mexican Land Grant, Jack Ranch is now over 70,000 acres and operates in tandem with Hearst Ranch producing the highest quality beef available.
Grass Fed Beef
Hearst Beef is renowned for their tender, grass-fed beef which is not only lower in fat than other brands of beef, it is also rich in beta-carotene, omega-3 acids, and vitamin E. Hearst Ranch is known for beef that tastes like the beef our ancestors ate when the American West was first settled. The beef is healthier for you than beef found in the local supermarket and is also tastier. Lean beef grown by grass-feeding and through sustainable methods is also tender and juicy, without having to rely on fat that is obtained by force-feeding.
They pride itself on its grass-fed beef which is raised in a sustainable environment. Hearst Beef cattle are never fed corn or other grains and fillers. Grass is the natural food of cattle. Some beef providers feed with corn or grain as a cheaper alternative to grass. Hormones and antibiotics are never used. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass-finished products are often described as having a distinctively different taste. 
Cuts of Grass Fed Beef
These Steaks are available in several different cuts. Their beef has been featured in some of the finest dining establishments and is recommended by noted five-star chefs.
  • New York Strips
  • Flat-Iron steaks
  • Filet Mignon
  • Ribeyes
  • Flank Steaks
  • Sirloin Steaks
They also offers Corned Beef cuts, and Netted Rib Roasts as well as ground beef and other types of meat such as pork, turkey, and lamb. All meats are harvested with the same care as the beef, and all are grown using grass-fed, free-range, sustainable methods. 
Enjoy A Complete Dining Experience
Their website provides tons of information to ensure you enjoy your steaks as if they were cooking them for you.  You can find wine, beer, and cocktail suggestions for every cut  of beef, hundred’s of recipes for all of their products, and grilling and cooking tips to ensure your steaks come out perfectly every time.
They have developed a line of oils, spices, and ketchups. Each olive oil, sauce, and ketchup features locally-grown, organic ingredients. If the ingredients needed cannot be harvested from the ranch, then Hearst Ranch purchases them from local farmers and growers who have been certified organic. 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Hearst Ranch guarantees that your meat is delivered to you overnight and also guarantees that you will be 100 percent satisfied. If for some reason, your order, which is shipped to you in an insulated cooler with dry ice, is not perfect, or if you are not satisfied, they will either replace your order or refund your money.
Hearst Ranch Reviews
The Best Damn Steaks I’ve Had in a Long Time
I stopped buying steaks from the market many years ago because the flavor was nothing like what I remembered as a boy.  My first bite from one of these New York Strip steaks bought that memory back to me like it was yesterday. Unfortunetly, I burned one on the grill, ’cause my wife was nagging me ’bout something, but the rest were perfect. They are the best damn steaks I’ve had in a long time, and you should buy twice as many as you think you need…in case your wife nags you too.