I Just Got a New Job

I just got a new job, although it is not ideal. The big thing is that I am going to have to move from Louisiana to the area around Houston, TX. It is not that I was not prepared for that, because I work in the oil field services field and the company I have been working for has gone under due to low oil prices. Fortunately I have found a similar job with a big Texas energy company. In fact they are involved in a lot more than just oil. They have their hands in every aspect of the energy industry and beyond. In fact they are one of around a hundred different electric power providers in Texas. The state has a law which gives you the right to pick which power company you want to hook up the electricity at your house. There are web pages which will tell you which ones you get to pick from, you plug in your zip code or address and usually there will be something like three to six different options. I am staying in a hotel right now, but I have been looking for a place near where I am going to be working. That is not a fixed place however and it might take me a bit of time to figure out where I need to base myself. The office is in downtown Houston, but I never have to go down there. I work out of a shop on the Houston Ship Channel and I am only there a couple of times so far. I might have to go in there to pick up a trailer full of parts and hitch it up to the pick up truck. Then I am off to the job site, which is usually going to be some place to the West.