If You Would Not Give a Bonus to Your Mortgage Holder Every Month, Why Are You Doing That with Your Electricity Provider?

On the street my mom lives on there are a lot of brand new cars. She said that her neighbor on the corner got a new SUV, and then the other neighbors starting getting new vehicles one by one. Keeping up with the Jones’ is what mom calls it. She said neighbors are like that in most places. One guy cuts his grass, and the others are out there getting their lawns to match. Same thing for flowers and decorations. I am more practical, such as picking a Waco energy company that has a very low per kilowatt hour rate for electricity.

I do not mind my old truck. It still looks great. No dents and only a couple minor scrapes. The paint is so good that waxing it up makes it shine like it was new again. As for the lawn, I cut it once per week in the rainy season. My wife puts out some flowers and handles the outdoor decorations. I’m more about putting money away for rainy days rather than spending a fortune on plants. But, that’s me. Every time our electricity provider contract is about to expire, I look for a lower rate. So far we have been with the same company for two contract periods.

You need to run the financial side of your income and home like a business. A company would not be giving away money to its vendors and suppliers. They would expect great deals and full value for every dollar. Why give money away to your electricity provider if you do not need to? Do you send a bonus to the people who have your mortgage or car loan? Then why send a monthly bonus to your electric company? Go for the lowest per kilowatt hour rating with a contract you can live with.