Computed Tomography Applications


Computed Tomography Capabilities Flyer

Learn more about our high speed 3D Computed Tomography capabilities.

Computed Tomography can be used for multiple applications:

  • Research – Material Structure, New Material Analysis, Density of Analysis
  • Inspections/NDT – Inclusions, Cracks, Porosities, Displacement, Quality Control
  • Density Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering – Rapid Prototyping, Surface Rendering, CAD, Drawing and Design
  • Measurements and Metrology
  • 3D Digitization

The output of a Computed Tomography reconstruction is primarily a 3D voxel model, and the resolution of each voxel depends on the resolution of each projection, the number of projections, and the resolution of the Computed Tomography reconstruction. From this 3D volume the CT software is able to:

  • Export a stack of CT slices in any direction
  • Analyse relative density with colored map
  • Create a point cloud / triangle model compatible with CAD or Rapid Prototyping software

tn_solder006Reverse Engineering

For more examples of CT in action, visit the Markets section of this site.