65 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bone CT Scanned!

North Star Imaging, Inc. recently scanned an ancient dinosaur bone for Dr. Kristi Curry Rogers, a well known paleontologist and professor at Macalester College in the Twin Cities.  The specimen that Dr. Rogers brought to NSI was a 65 million year old osteoderm, which is a large skin bone from the back of a dinosaur.  This is the largest intact bone of its type ever found.  Dr. Rogers found this bone along with the majority of the rest of the skeleton during one of her many excavations in Madagascar.  The purpose of the CT scan was to understand the anatomy and function of the bone.

Dr. Rogers was recently interviewed by Kerri Miller on MPR’s midmorning show about this project and her career as a paleontologist.  Follow this link for the interview:http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2009/08/27/midmorning2

NSI and Dr. Rogers are currently evaluating the scan and additional information will be made available soon.