Can the fastest CT software in the market also be the easiest to use?

Introducing North Star Imaging’s efX CT software, the fastest and easiest to use CT software on the market today.  efX is a powerful CT software that includes CT calibration, Cone-Beam reconstruction, 3D real time visualization and analysis tools in the same interface.  But what really sets this software apart, are the following three features:  It’s easy 5-step – start to finish – CT interface, its automatic calibration capabilities, and its GPU reconstruction speed.

NSI’s efX software offers two scan modes: EasyCT and AdvancedCT.  EasyCT is a 5-step user-friendly process from the creation of the project to the final results. EasyCT guides the user through the calibration and reconstruction process thanks to an interactive interface and automatic processes.  Switch, at any time, to AdvancedCT mode and get access to the full set of parameters for CT reconstruction.

efX offers an automatic calibration software for reconstruction process optimization.  This software reduces mechanical components and time consuming settings, thus allowing the calibration process to take less than 1 minute.  This unique calibration tool avoids any issues that can occur with manipulator type of calibration (i.e. geometry issues, system accuracy derivation, measurement uncertainty).  This software delivers the best CT resolution you can get from the system while keeping the user away from costly and time consuming maintenance intervention.

efX CT also gives NSI the unique ability to upgrade a Digital Radiography X-ray system (DR) to a 3D CT system.  The DR to CT upgrade not only transforms a no longer meeting the need DR system to a top-of-the-line CT system; it does it without all of the increased time and cost of purchasing a new CT system.

Through NSI’s developmental partnership with the industry leading company NVIDIA, the efX CT software’s GPU based reconstruction module includes one to four Teraflops Computing systems including 240 to 960 cores for ultra fast CT reconstruction.  Speeds are between 5x and 50x faster than other CT software, depending on number of projections.