NSI at Control 2013, 14.-17. Mai in Stuttgart Extending Computed Tomography to new Dimensions


Based on North Star Imaging’s 4G eXtreme CT GPU Reconstruction Workstation, featuring multiple NVIDIA GPU’s running in parallel, and their powerful X-ray and Computed Tomography system portfolio inlcuding the new X25, 4D Computed Tomography opens a stunning view into a small moving plastic rack and pinion gear set, which was sealed and could not be opened without destroying the product. Due to an unknown flaw the gear jumped and occasionally slipped when reaching the end of the rack. The scan immediately showed that a foreign object had wedged itself between the teeth and the user was able to study exactly how this obstruction affected the functionality of the product over time.
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Paris, March 2013 – At Control 2013 in Stuttgart/Germany, North Star Imaging Europe (NSI, www.4nsi.com) will introduce on stand 5134 in hall 5 a further extension to its existing range of X-ray test systems for large sized objects, and give a first insight into their unique developments in 4D Computed Tomography: Capturing movement over a period of time, this innovative technology takes X-ray inspection to a new dimension. NSI’s product portfolio includes 2D Digital X-ray systems and industrial 3D Computed Tomography (CT) systems, both standard and application-specific, for the 3D inspection of the interior structures of small to large components and assemblies made from a wide range of materials.

Scanning even larger and heavier objects

The XL600 is the newest and largest free standing addition to NSI’s standard portfolio of X- ray Computed Tomography systems. Featuring a 600 kV X-ray source with 0.4 mm and 1.0 mm focal spots, and fitted with two LDA detectors, one 12” (304,8 mm) with 50 micron resolution and one 36” (914,4 mm) with 400 micron resolution, this new CT system is intended for the inspection of large and/or high density objects. The entire manipulator is supported on a base of solid granite to adequately stabilize up to 110 kg objects, 600 mm in diameter and 760 mm tall, for precise inspection, making it a versatile system that performs impeccably for Aerospace composite components, to largest automotive engine blocks and even land based turbines. The first XL600 was installed in North Star Imaging’s Inspection Services and Applications Lab in Rogers, MN, greatly expanding the company’s in-house capabilities. NSI also offers small benchtop CT systems, dedicated submicron nano CT systems, and other multiscale microfocus or minifocus X-ray and CT systems of various sizes.

Opening the 4th Dimension

4D Computed Tomography, or 4D CT, is NSI’s latest, patent pending development in the realm of industrial X-ray inspection for the Nondestructive Testing industry, opening the possibility to study objects that have moving internal parts. This capability was made possible by a culmination of multiple innovations over the last 5 years, such as the company’s GPU (graphics processing unit) reconstruction process combined with the rapid development of computer hardware speed, which have significantly reduced time to scan and reconstruct a 3D CT model from days to just seconds. The results of 4D Computed Tomography can be played like a movie while the user simultaneously slices through and inspects the internal functionality of the object at any angle to simultaneously study structure, form and function for the first time in the industry. To date, 4D CT has successfully been used to study the function of moving parts in mechanical gear assemblies, thermal switches, and even hydrodynamic flow. The most effective scans have so far been completed on small, low density objects. Currently, 4D CT is available in North Star Imaging’s XViewCT X-ray Computed Tomography Systems as well as an upgrade to almost any existing 2D X-ray or 3D Computed Tomography system, regardless of the manufacturer.

North Star Imaging (NSI) was founded in 1986 and is today one of the most sophisticated resources for real-time, digital Industrial X-ray and CT equipment, consulting, training, supplies, and accessories. Headquartered in Rogers, MN/USA, and from its recently founded subsidiaries North Star Imaging Europe in France and North Star Imaging Korea the company offers complete x-ray and computed tomography (CT) system solutions, as well as inspection services. NSI forms part of the Test and Measurement Group of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) with more than 850 decentralized business units in 52 countries that employ approximately 60,000 men and women.