Introducing the Redesigned ImagiX Compact Computed Tomography X-ray System from NSI

North Star Imaging, Inc. (NSI) is proud to announce the release of their newly redesigned ImagiX compact computed tomography (CT) x-ray system.  The redesign incorporates the same great features that made this model popular while now offering even more speed and user friendly options.

The ImagiX is a universal microCT system designed for the scanning of small items.  The system is set up for objects sized from 0.02” (0.5mm) to 6” (150mm) and offers an array of 3D computed tomography reconstruction and evaluation capabilities with NSI’s industry leading efX-CT Computed Tomography software.  The ImagiX is available with the new NSI 4G CT workstation which utilizes up to 4 GPU running in parallel to provide the fastest CT reconstructions and 3D visualization on the market today.  Also, the unique Fast CT mode now comes standard on all NSI CT systems and allows for CT scanning in minutes or even seconds.  X-ray voltage ranges from 10kV to 150kV and the system provides resolution down to the microns.  In addition to its top of the line CT capabilities, the ImagiX can also be used for Digital X-ray inspection.

The redesigned ImagiX touts a more usable layout while still maintaining its compact footprint.  The system utilizes a large sliding access door for unobstructed part loading and unloading.  This door also features a larger leaded glass window for easy viewing of the object(s) during scanning and manipulation.  The ImagiX also features an ergonomic workstation desk with adjustable monitor and desk height for comfort and convenience whether sitting or standing.  As an option, the system’s 3 axis manipulator can be motorized and programmable for automatic inspection. The ImagiX is available as a free standing system with a matching supportive base or as a desktop model.

Overall, the redesigned ImagiX is an affordable, compact and easy to use industrial computed tomography x-ray system perfect for laboratories, R&D applications and fast 3D CT scanning of small objects.

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*NSI’s redesigned ImagiX compact computed tomography system (Free standing model shown).