Large Demand for NSI X-ray and CT Systems

The demand for North Star Imaging’s X-ray and CT systems and software in 2009 to date has been tremendous.  Orders have come from various markets in multiple countries with applications ranging from common inspections to new ground breaking capabilities.

The largest demand came from Government, Aerospace and Medical Device industries and NSI also provided systems for the Dental, University and Electronics markets.

Government projects ranged from Computed Tomography upgrade packages to M5000 systems to the fastest CT system in the world – an Inline CT system capable of performing 3D CT scans every 6 seconds.  Some of the applications included analysis of geological samples, inspection of decoy flares and inline 3D CT inspection of fuses.  Aerospace projects were also very diverse with applications consisting of large structure inspections with an M8000 overhead gantry system to small scale inspections with a portable Digital Radiography system.

Medical applications included the inspection of implantable surgical devices and batteries as well as analysis of medical leads.  The smaller footprints of the M50 and ImagiX were typically the systems of choice for these projects.  An ImagiX CT system, capable of 3 minute scans, was also acquired by a dental company for high speed 3D modeling of dental impressions.

North Star Imaging has collaborated with many universities in the past and also in 2009.  This year, South Dakota State University purchased an M-5000 Micro Computed Tomography system for MicroCT analysis on various materials in their Materials Evaluation and Testing Laboratory (METLAB).

NSI has also been very successful in other countries.  An electronics company in Asia recently installed the first newly designed X50 Computed Tomography system for the 3D inspection and measurement of circuit boards and micro electronics.

Currently, North Star Imaging is undergoing a 33% expansion of their facilities to keep up with this growing demand.  They are in the process of adding additional manufacturing, inspection services, office space and a new X-ray/CT application laboratory to their corporate facility in Rogers, MN.

Not only does North Star Imaging, Inc. manufacture the most capable systems in the industry, but their systems are backed with the most experience and best support available.  In 2008, NSI took over as the industry leader in industrial X-ray and 2009 is on track to be their best year in history!