North Star Imaging, Inc. Receives 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award

North Star Imaging, Inc. (NSI) received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2010 Global X-ray Inspection Systems New Product Innovation of the Year Award for their in-line computed tomography system, the eXpress-CT.

Frost & Sullivan takes multiple criteria (both product specific and company as a whole) into consideration when determining who receives the award each year. Ultimately, the company that stands out from the competition in each category is honored with the award.

“NSI’s historical experience and achievements in the field of industrial x-ray inspection enables it to provide its customers with products on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. With intimate knowledge of the requirements of its customers, the eXpress-CT was designed for speed and ease-of–use and integrated with the latest advances in hardware technology and software” said Vijay Mathew, research analyst for Frost & Sullivan.

The company’s recently launched eXpress-CT possesses the capacity to perform complete CT scans every 6 seconds on a small assembly product. With this system, manufacturers can now perform complete inspections of their product while on the production line at production line speeds. “In terms of speed of inspection, the capabilities of the eXpress-CT remain unmatched,” said Frost & Sullivan. Although the use of CT systems remains commonplace for industrial inspection applications, the high-speed 3D CT inspection features, for 100 percent product quality/verification on the production line, shows a capability that is currently unavailable in the market from other x-ray inspection vendors.

Built for speed, repeatability and accuracy, the eXpress-CT system inspects almost any small to medium sized industrial part in 3D for defects such as cracks or porosities, in addition to 3D dimensional control of external and internal features. Each eXpress-CT is a custom system built specifically for the user’s needs and application. It can be completely automated with high precision robots, designed for manual user intervention or anywhere in between.

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