NSI Expands Their Corporate Facility by 33%

In order to keep up with the growing market demand for North Star Imaging’s (NSI) X-ray and Computed Tomography systems and service, NSI has expanded their corporate facility by 33%. This expansion was completed on the first of the year and includes additional manufacturing area, Inspection Services capability, added office space and an expanded X-ray/Computed Tomography application laboratory.

The majority of the area expansion is made up of additional manufacturing space which was used to rearrange the machining, fabricating, paint and finishing areas. The new square footage allows for an efficient, streamlined assembly process; NSI estimates this addition will support the production increase necessary for the current backlog as well as NSI’s forecasted business growth.

North Star Imaging’s Inspection Services Group (ISG) has expanded with three new NSI X-ray/CT systems. ISG added a new ImagiX and X50-CT to their equipment list as well as replaced their current M5000-CT with a new X5000-CT. The addition of these systems greater diversifies ISG’s capabilities as well as further cements their title as the most advanced X-ray Inspection Services lab in the country.

The new X-ray/Computed Tomography application laboratory utilizes the additional X-ray systems added to ISG, as well as serves as the developmental home for advancing NSI’s X-ray and Computed Tomography technology in both their systems and software.

Ultimately, this expansion is intended to benefit North Star Imaging’s clients by decreasing turnaround time on system production and ISG work as well as advance NSI’s X-ray technology to new levels.

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