Our Fastest CT System Delivered to Boeing

Boeing Company just acquired a NSI M5000 CT system with the latest in hardware and software technology. With the new stable-focalspot microfocus X-ray tube, a high resolution flat panel detector and an 8-axis programmable manipulator for complex digital radiography inspection, the system is the state of the art in X-ray analysis for various applications in aerospace. But the innovation comes from the CT software which uses a multiple graphic card supercomputer for unparalleled reconstruction speed.

“With the use of our new North Star M5000 and NVIDIA Tesla Super Computer our CT reconstruction times have been lowered by a factor of 50 or more times over machines built only a couple of years ago. We often see reconstruction times under two minutes. Images are now reconstructed in minutes instead of hours. The way we view the use of CT imaging is different than other facilities with older equipment.” Bill Coleman, Boeing Imaging, El Segundo, CA