CXMM™ Computed Tomography Systems

The new CXMM – Coordinate X-Ray Measurement Machine – is a 3D Computed Tomography system designed for measurements and 3D applications, e.g. Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping or simply 3D Digitization. CXMM is a unique solution on the market that provides internal and external dimensions of any part, with very high resolution, and in a short delay. Results provided in 3D as volume or point cloud can be compared to Design Models (CAD), or be used for automatic 3D measurement with Metrology Software.


About surface rendering

A threshold value of radiodensity is chosen by the operator (e.g. a level that corresponds to plastic). A threshold level is set, using edge detection image processing algorithms. From this, a 3-dimensional model can be constructed and displayed on screen. Multiple models can be constructed from various different thresholds, allowing different colors to represent each component of an assembly. However, the interior structure of each element is not visible in this mode of operation.

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