In-line Computed Tomography Systems

North Star Imaging, Inc. offers the first ever In-Line Computed Tomography (CT) system for automatic and fast CT inspection and/or 3D modeling of manufacturing parts while in production – the eXpress-CT.

NSI’s proven experience in inline X-ray control coupled with their latest generation of ultra-fast reconstruction CT software (efX-CT) yield an unmatched solution for 3D x-ray inspection at production speeds.

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Every eXpress-CT system is custom built for each application.  Primary features can include:

  • Fanuc and or ABB Industrial Robotic Arm and Control System
  • Custom Robotic gripper head mechanism
  • Part conveyor with customized pallets
  • 160 kV to 450 kV Industrial X-Ray Generating System
  • Radiation Shielded Enclosures for 160 kV to 450 kV
  • High speed, high resolution X-ray detector(s)
  • Custom high speed X-ray acquisition hardware and software
  • Ultra-fast CT reconstruction workstation using GPU technology
  • Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software for:
    • Defect detection
    • Automatic measurements
    • Part sorting (good vs. bad)
    • Reporting
    • And more…
  • Cycle (inspection) time as fast as 6 seconds depending on object composition and resolution requirements