X50 Computed Tomography System


The X50-CT is a five-axis universal x-ray imaging system designed for the Digital X-rays and Computed Tomography inspection of small objects.  The small footprint of the 50 Series makes it ideal for space sensitive environments. It is ideally suited for 3D CT scans of multiple small items or larger objects up to 12″ (30cm) in size.  It can handle even larger objects when taking 2D x-rays.

General Specifications

  • Radiation shielding energies of 100kV,160kV,225kV, 320kV or 450kV
  • Seamless Steel/lead/steel construction.
  • Cable port with cover.
  • Powered sliding access door.
  • Lead glass viewing window.
  • Primary and secondary x-ray safety interlocks.
  • Interior lighting.
  • “X-Ray On” warning light.
  • Designed to meet all State and Federal X-ray safety regulations.
  • Part travel: Vertical – 12”, Horizontal – 12”, Z axis – 12”, Tilt – +/- 20 Degrees, Rotation – 360 Degrees Continuous.
  • Tethered desktop control console.
  • All drives are variable speed and joystick controlled.  Each axis control is independent allowing simultaneous movement of all axis.
  • Optional Programmable Manipulator for Production Applications