Joining in to Help a Stranger

To promote a local concert that I was having, I contacted a Los Angeles WordPress developer to create a website. The concert was to raise money for a young boy in the area who needed to have an expensive surgery to save his life. The boy was born with a condition that became worse each year. Now the only thing that can keep him alive is the surgery, and it has to be done within a certain time frame, or the boy won’t survive. The surgery is costly, and the body will be recovering from it for quite a while, but once he does, he’ll be able to lead a normal life.

I was able to get a lot of big name acts to play at the concert. Some of the acts grew up in the same city as the boy, so they were willing to help him out without any questions asked. It’s amazing that people can come together for a worthy cause. Many people don’t even know the boy, but they’re willing to put that aside and donate to keep him from dying. If only people could come together on other issues, the world would be a much better place.

The boy was too weak to come to the concert in person, so before it happened, I had the musical acts come to the hospital to meet him in person. The boy was excited to see the acts and wanted to shake their hands and take pictures with them. At the concert, I set up a camera to a wireless connection that would stream the concert to the hospital so the boy could watch it from his bed. The musicians would go up to the camera as if the boy were there in the audience and sing to him.