Just Started the Renovation Work

It was not really great house and the location was not close to ideal for me, but of course the price was so low that I was interested in it. In fact I knew that most of the things that were wrong with the house could be fixed. I got started the other morning, after I sat on the front porch waiting for the electric company for about an hour, but once I got the lights turned on I began work on the first floor bathroom, which was really quite a mess. I ripped out the sink and the tiles to start with and worked all day on the project. I had picked up what I needed at the salvage yard in Fort Worth, an old vanity and this huge mirror which covered nearly the entire wall of the bathroom. I had to get a friend of mine to help me put it up, because it was really heavy and awkward to handle.

The vanity was not very nice when I bought it, but I knew that I could sand it down to the original finish. It was made of solid cherry wood, something that you would hardly ever see these days. It would have cost a fortune if I had bought it new. The tiles were actually the toughest part, that is something that I do not have a lot of experience at.that. I was able to rent the saw and tools that I needed to cut the tiles around the edges. A few of them did not come out of it in a usable condition. However that was just part of the learning curve and eventually I got pretty decent at the job. The next thing is going to be the kitchen, but that is going to be expensive and shall have to wait a bit.