Lobster Anywhere Review

Since 1999, Lobster Anywhere has been thrilling lobster enthusiasts with Maine lobster, seafood gift ideas, and award-winning chowders. They will deliver live Maine lobster, lobster tails, and delicious fish and shellfish to just about any place in the United States. 

Their live lobster is captured by nearby fisherman, straight from Maine. They specialize in lobster dinners, frozen lobster, lobster meat, and seafood delivered directly to their customers.Their fresh food from the ocean and Maine lobster bundles create one of a kind gifts for virtually any celebration.
Complimentary shipping and delivery is offered with all lobster dinner specials! You can buy lobsters in most sizes, even large three.Your lobster will be hand chosen, and packaged for your delivery. Live Maine lobsters from high volume grocery store chains, on the other hand, have not seen the ocean in several weeks. A frequently ignored distinction which influences the actual flavor of lobster meat.
With the majority of seafood composed of high protein and low fat seafood is a nutritious and great tasting option for an appetizer or main course. In general the majority of seafood, and shellfish is uncomplicated to cook and with amazing results typically within a brief amount of prep time. The organization provides lots of actual testimonials, some wonderful gift ideas for family or even special.They also supply lobster gift certificates that permit the beneficiary to pick their own shipping and delivery date.
Gift certificates can be ordered as a particular package or as a dollar amount. Make an impression on your family and friends with a exceptional dinner experience simply by giving their very own lobster gift package to indulge in.
The lobster gift basket can make a very good memento and an authentic gift from a wedding to a birthday gift that is certain to satisfy anyone.
Pricing is affordable due to the fact they are a wholesaler, not a retailer or middleman, therefore they can easily supply you with a substantial cost advantage. Their unique connection with native New England lobstermen and fishermen, and leading air carriers, provides the most competitively priced market prices.
Their food selection goes over and above just lobster, delivering New England favorites such as chowders, stews, shrimp, fish, surf and turf specialties, and desserts. If you’re new to cooking lobster, you can also purchase a classic lobster pot. The one thing that may be missing from their website is recipes, but they are easy enough to find online.
All purchases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the event that for any reason a person is not delighted with their purchase, LobsterAnywhere.com will do whatever it requires to help to make it correct, absolutely no questions asked.
They have supplied live Maine lobsters as well as high quality seafood to dining establishments, hotels, and major establishments throughout the United States. They have created an unmatched reputation with regard to serving clients with discerning taste.
Lobster Anywhere Reviews
I happened to find this website while I was looking for some Lobster Anywhere Coupons. I receive some fresh Maine Lobsters as a gift from my son, and I’m going to get some more!  I guess you can say I like them a lot. Those steaks look pretty good too.
It Was the Sweetest Lobster Meat I Can Remember Having
My husband and I ordered cooked lobster from Lobster Anywhere for a party we were having for our son. We wanted to make a big splash with a seafood bar for his graduation. We bought a lot local shellfish, like clams and shrimp, but decided to get cooked lobster to offer our guests a cold lobster salad.
I don’ know how they cook their lobster, but it was the sweetest meat I can remember having. It was also one of the first things to go. The office people were great in helping with a custom shipping so we knew the order would come in time for the party.
Not A Favorable Experience
I ordered lobsters for myself and my husband, as well as a gift certificate for a family member. The lobsters were supposed to arrive frozen, but after a shipping delay they were completely thawed out. They were also pink, not “white” as stated that they should be on the literature that came with the lobster.
They smelled okay and we were told by customer service that they were safe to eat, so we cooked and ate them, but they didn’t have very much flavor, which I attributed to the early thaw. These lobsters were replaced (for free) with a second order, but even with no shipping delay these lobsters also arrived completely thawed out. I called customer service to explain this and, literally, the person I spoke with argued with me (saying “that’s not possible”), which I didn’t appreciate at all.
The lobsters were IN FACT completely defrosted, and again they were pink. The customer service rep said pink was okay, even though their own literature stated that uncooked lobster should be white. We cooked these as well, and again the flavor was bland. I don’t know if they were bland because they thawed too early, or maybe because of the type of lobsters they send, but either way, we won’t order from LobsterAnywhere again.  
Overall, this was not a favorable experience.