Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks, a fifth-generation, family-owned company, which sells beef, roasts, pork, poultry, seafood, veal, lamb, appetizers, sides, and desserts. For gourmet tastes, they also have available sauces, seasonings, glazes, wines, and even treats for your family pet. They have a limited selection of prepared meals.

Their website might be one of the best ones in the food business. It is easy to navigate and sorts their products by name, for example, filet mignon, or how you might use their products. Best Sellers, overstocks, value assortments, gift packages, and gifts under a certain dollar amount, for shoppers with a specific gift budget. With a bit of digging, you can find an option to create your own gift packages.

Especially nice is the drop down menu they have on their left side navigation. When you first come to the website, you see they sell filet mignon, but when you click on filet mignon, you see how many types and versions of the product they sell. Cooking, grilling, and nutritional information is provided on all the product pages.

Another nice customer touch point is the ability to enter your zip code in the left hand navigation and find out when your order will arrive.

In their complete meals section, you will find a large selection of unprepared proteins, or entrees, matched with sides and vegetables that are prepared and microwaveable. We could not find a menu of just prepared meals, nor could we find the option to buy one meal at a time. As of this writing, it appears you will be buying at least four servings of anything you buy.

Everything on their website appears to be on sale. Twelve 4 oz. steak burgers normally retail for $32.99, or $2.75 each, but can be found on sale for $14.99, or $1.25 each. We couldn’t find anything that was not on sale.

We could not find any mention of what type of beef they sell. Similar websites will present you with choices that may include USDA Prime, Choice, or Select. Other companies tend to promote types of beef such as Angus, All Natural, or Organic. It may be difficult for the consumer that wants to shop around and compare the value of price to the exact product they are buying.

you may not know what kind of beef you are buying, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will replace your purchase or refund your money, whichever you prefer, if you are not happy with their products.

Omaha Steaks Reviews

The Hamburgers Were The Best!
I bought a steak package for my brother and then bought one for myself.  Overall I thought the quality and taste of the beef was good, but the burgers tasted the best. I see other reviews of their burgers be either great like mine, or terrible. They have to be different burgers. I was a little disappointed the burgers were better than the steaks, but they were still good.
Omaha Steaks for Prepared Meals?
I placed a prepared meal order at Send A Meal and was suprised to recieve my entire order from Omaha Steaks. Had I just went to Omaha, I would have saved 20% from what Send A Meal charged me. To be honest, when I think of buying prepared meals online, I don’t think of Omaha Steaks. I may have to change my thinking.
So far, I tried their Lasagna and their Beef Stroganoff with Noodles. They both come in the same sized tray, but the lasagna is supposed to serve four and the beff stroganoff serves two. Two servings is realistic for both meals.
The noodles in the lasagna were not prepared and I didn’t get any cooking instructions on my packaging, so I had to guess how long to microwave the lasagna. I did it in two minute intervals. The lasagna noodles came out gummy. The sauce and cheese were okay, but a Stoffers Lasagna in the supermarket is actually better and you would get a much bigger tray too. I would give this a fair review.
On the other hand, the beef stroganoff was outstanding! The amount of huge chunks of meat that came with mine was amazing for a preaperd meal. I made a mental connection to what this company is famous for, and their prepared steak dinners.  Not only was the steak supurb, they were so big my wife had to cut them in half.
The sauce was exceptional, and the noodles were thick with a fresh-cooked texture. We had the meal with thier String Beans, which were also excellent. Just a little hint of wine, and some large sliced mushrooms prevented this from being a heavenly experience. I give this meal an excellent review.
Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo
This is just an amazing dinner that is so simple to make, even I was able to do it. The Alfredo sauce is frozen on the shrimp. All you have to do toss in a skillet, cook it, and then add their pre-cooked pasta. The whole process took me about 3-4 minutes.
It was darn good too, and I impressed my wife who saw me making it when she came home from work. There is plenty of shrimp, and if you let the plate sit for a few minutes, the sauce thickens up to something wonderful. The pre-cooked pasta wasn’t mushy and still had texture. The servings sizes are a little on the small size, so order accordingly, but it is worth every penny.
Prepared Chicken Breasts Meal
I thought this dinner was somewhere between fair and good, so I opted for fair. As excited and surprised as I was to experience their Shrimp Fettuccini, this meal disappointed.
The strings were the best of the meal. They reheat with a crisp texture and the little bits of red pepper make a nice visual and appetizing presence. From there things decline. The mashed potatoes are good, and very garlicly (which I love) but they have the texture of an instant mashed potato. The whole first floor filled up with the aroma of garlic, as if it were baking in the oven.
The chicken breasts are very small. On top of that, they look and taste like a frozen manufacturer chicken breast. These might be best served to small children, but they also a bit of spice to them
The portion sizes are way off the mark and should be reviewed by the company. I can’t imagine an adult feeling like they ate a while dinner with just one chicken breast. Also, the mashed potatoes say there are six servings per package, but a serving size is 1/3 of the tray. Throw posted portion sizes out the window when you order. It will raise the cost of your meal, but at least it will be satisfying.