I started out making sheets of sugar candy in my kitchen. I use specialty flavors I purchased from a company that is very meticulous about the flavorings it sells. Plus, I also have a technique in mixing in the flavoring at a critical moment to avoid evaporation of the oils that actually make the sugar a tasty treat. I used to hand package it in zippered bags. Now I have a small vertical form fill seal packaging machine to do it for me.

I started out making a few bags of the candy for friends. It is just hard sugar candy that is poured out into sheets and then busted up into fragments.Continue reading

We needed a new car. We also needed to have the money to make the payment. We picked out a nice type of used car that would be suitable. Only a couple years old so still under warranty and low mileage ones available. To be able to pay for it we wrote down on paper the exact amounts we could save. I checked a site to save on our utility bills, and my wife called about our homeowners and car insurance to get lower rates. She pretty much just told them we needed to save or we were moving on. I was able to save a good amount on our monthly electric bill. In two ways actually. We got a fixed rate that was low per kilowatt hour, and seeing how much we were wasting got me to put in those LED and CFL bulbs I bought but never installed.

We looked over all of our expenses. We found we could save a few bucks here and a few bucks there without really trying.Continue reading