The Beginnings of a New Business for Us

I started out making sheets of sugar candy in my kitchen. I use specialty flavors I purchased from a company that is very meticulous about the flavorings it sells. Plus, I also have a technique in mixing in the flavoring at a critical moment to avoid evaporation of the oils that actually make the sugar a tasty treat. I used to hand package it in zippered bags. Now I have a small vertical form fill seal packaging machine to do it for me.

I started out making a few bags of the candy for friends. It is just hard sugar candy that is poured out into sheets and then busted up into fragments. You put a mix of some powdered sugar and corn starch on the product to give it a white powdery appearance that keeps it from sticking together. My root beer and orange flavors were the most popular, but the spice lovers really enjoy the hot cinnamon I make too.

I bought rolled film that makes bags that show off the candy much better than those zipper seal bags. It is even printed with my product name and my name. I am thinking of moving into a commercial space. It does not have to be big. Then I will get new roll film for my vertical form fill seal machine with weight, ingredients, nutrition and even a UPC printed on it so I can sell more easily in retail stores. All I really need at this point is a space that can be licensed and inspected by the health department rather than my own private kitchen.

A small packaging machine can put out a tremendous amount of product in a short period of time. There is no way my one person operation can make more product in a day that can be packaged by this machine in a very short period of time. If I get the whole family involved, maybe we can get something really profitable started.