Traffic Xtractor Review and Bonus

Traffic Xtractor Youtube Keyword Research and Analysis Software

How it Works:

  1. Click on harvest keywords. Type or paste in the keywords that you want to analyze.
  2. Once the keywords are returned click on get competition.
  3. Click on filter and tell it to only give you keywords with 3 or less videos already ranking on youtube.

That is it. Go for the keywords that are given to you by the filter.

Traffic Xtractor is ridiculously easy to use.


This is the keyword tool that I actually use to research what keywords to use in my Youtube videos. If the software tells me the keyword is easy to rank for I go for it. It is says that it will be difficult, I go on to the next easy to rank keyword. It is that straight forward.

I have found that in most cases, the software is correct. The rare occasion where I have not ranked for my main keyword, I have still ranked for secondary keywords that it gives me.


Will you rank in Google every time? No. That has nothing to do with the software. Google simply does not show videos for every keyword. You will rank though in Youtube and if the Google Gods allow videos there is a very good chance that your video will rank there as well.

My Analysis

This software is meant to make your life simpler so you can make good decisions on what videos to create and which keywords to target.

Are there more advanced Youtube ranking methods and software out there? Yes, and I use them for extremely high competition keywords. If you are looking for a point and click simple solution for most of your YT ranking needs then this is the simplest and most effective tool on the market, in my opinion.

If you are a beginner and just want a software to tell you what keywords you can rank for, this is it. And if you are an advanced marketer who wants to make your life a bit simpler or want something to just hand to your outsourcer, then this is also a good choice.

If you are going for really difficult keywords then you will need more advanced tools for optimization, backlinking, embeds, etc…

Traffic Xtractor Software is made for easy and speed. If that is what you are looking for click the buy now button.