Using Marketing Recruiters Frees Me Up to Do What I Do Best

Many years ago I founded a company and recruited all the talent myself. It was tedious and took away a lot from the actual work that would be generating the revenue. I had to put my creativity of actually doing the work that would make products people wanted to buy into spending time recruiting talent to handle all of the positions in my new company. I learned from that mistake and now am using marketing recruiters to get me great candidates to interview for the open positions in my new startup company. I sold the old company quite a few years ago, and now I have the itch to start another company. The second time around will help me use my time and resources much more wisely.

This time I am spending more time at the drawing board developing a new line of products than spending time on the phone trying to lure good talent to come and work for me. Now I let the marketing recruiters look for great people that will fit into the corporate culture I am trying to foster. They have my criteria, and they pair it up with great people who are interested in applying for the positions. This makes the interview process go so much smoother and quicker. I do not have to weed out more than 50 percent of people who are not a great personality fit for how I like to do business.

I am actually more formal in business. Many of my competitors have a much more casual working environment for this industry we work in. I am the opposite of the trend. This is why it is harder for me to find viable recruits who share the same mindset and vision for the company they wish to work for. Using recruiters who have great networks frees me up to do what I do best.