What to Get a Wife

I always have trouble shopping for my wife when it comes to buying gifts. Even though she tells me that she’ll love whatever I get her because it’s the thought that counts, I still want to give her the best. Maybe I sometimes over think gift ideas. Since she likes jewelry, I had to come up with something for her birthday. I had gotten her every kind of piece of jewelry under the sun, except for one thing. I hadn’t thought about girls chokers for some reason, but they were the perfect gift for me to give to her.

Finding the right choker for my wife was easier said than done, because I couldn’t make a decision about which one to buy for her. There were more varieties of chokers than I imagined. From ones with diamonds and other gems, to ones with pearls and even fake gems, it was like an endless supply of chokers existed. Since the last thing I got my wife had diamonds in it, I thought it would be better to mix things up by getting one with pearls. She has some nice pearl jewelry that she can wear with it and create a fantastic look.

Using my wife’s measurements, I bought a pearl choker and had it delivered to my job so that my wife wouldn’t find it before it was time for her to open it. My wife is always curious and likes to snoop around when her birthday becomes close, so I have to take precaution to prevent her from getting into the presents. She doesn’t make it easy for me, but I always manage to keep the presents hidden. When her birthday finally came and she opened her gift, she was surprised and excited to see the pearl choker in the box.